Warning!! Senior Year Is Expensive!

Alex Caloca, Staff Reporter

Senior Year is definitely a fun year for most students, but it comes at an expense. Events like grad night, graduation, and school dances can get pretty expensive throughout the year.

Here is a break down of some of these upcoming costs. Grad Night will be a total of $240 with an ASB card and $250 without. Students are able to make payments of $100 or more or they can also pay it in full. Don’t forget the money students will spend on food, snacks, and souvenirs to buy from Disneyland or California Adventures.

Then there is graduation. There are different packages students can order Jostens.  The Starter Package is $162.95, the Senior Special costs $190.20, and the most popular package is the Mascot Package at $229.70.  And last but not least, the Platinum Package is at $285.20. All the packages include cap/gown/tassel, a t-shirt two pack, a 2020 key ring and choice of tassel. For more details on the packages, visit our school website and follow the link to Jostens.

Prom this year will be at Vista Ranch, Madera on April 18, 2020. The theme is Enchanted Ball. The final prices have not been decided yet, but it will probably be a little more expensive than last year’s prom. It cost students $125 a ticket last year. The price will be a little higher due to transportation difficulties.  Then students have to factor in dinner, dresses, tuxedos, makeup, hair, nails, etc.  This can get very pricey for the girls attending this event.

There might be other senior year expenses like buying a yearbook for $85, membership to clubs, and the all famous college applications which average $77 per college.

Total cost for a senior based on this list is well over $1000.00!!  So to all the underclassmen, start saving now!!