Possibility of an A.V. Club?


Capturing content for the school.

Gabriel Ortiz, Staff Reporter

What is an A.V. club? A.V. stands for Audio Visual. This all-new-club would have the purpose of creating content by capturing positive aspects of the school whether it is by photograph or video. The teacher in charge would be Mr. Flores and will soon be created by the vote of the ASB class.

What are the goals of this new group?  To put it simply, we would revamp the dress code, A-G requirements, events, etc but all in a visual way. According to Mr. Flores, he said, “We would start with renewing the school requirements, but in video form and make it available for anyone to see.” We plan to pave a pathway for new students who have a creative sense to unify the school through their type of art medium.

As we speak, the constitution is being formed so that the club can be approved soon.

The president and vice president positions are filled by Gabriel Ortiz and Braulio Palomar. The treasurer and secretary are taken by Alexia Cortez and Liset Prado. They plan on expanding the club and creating a solid basis for it.

When asked, “Why do we need this club?” Mr. Flores responded with, “Well, we need to create a visual way for students to change their mind on the school. It is not a bad school, we put in a lot of work, but they do not see it.”

Outside of the school, this club would shine. Our plan is to approach businesses and create content for them. It would be a nonstop flow of original content and so that would be our source of money to continue to grow and expand.

So far, 20 students are interested in the club and we expect that number to grow based on the popularity of many different things that students are interested in.

We hope you consider joining and leaving your mark on the school!