Ms. Duke Joins the Art Department


Elena Parraz

Ms. Duke posing by her students amazing art work

Elena Parraz, Staff Reporter

During the 2018 to 2019 school year, the high school struggled to find a new art teacher for room 508. However, this new school year the high school was able to find an art teacher. Please give a big Tiger welcome to Ms. Ashley Duke. 

Ms. Duke wanted to teach in a small school and said that she did not want to teach at any of the bigger schools. She found out about this job from a job fair and had seen the position for Los Banos. Duke took the job knowing our high school would be a perfect match for her. She used to be a substitute and did student teaching, but other than that, this is her first real year of teaching. Ms. Duke said her students are well behaved which was a nice and pleasant surprise for her. 

Teaching has been rewarding so far for her.  “ It is everything I thought it would be and has been good. Everyone in the staff has been nice, helpful and welcoming.” 

For schooling, she said she was home schooled up until her junior year and senior year of high school. Ms. Duke finished her last years in Firebaugh high school. She attended Fresno State for college and got her degree for art. Ms. Duke did not always want to be a teacher and said her heart was set on just being an artist. During her time at Fresno State, some of the teachers influenced and inspired her to become a teacher.

Despite teaching art, she said that photography is the art she is most passionate about. For fun, she hangs out and watches Netflix. Her goal as an art teacher is to have her students use their imagination and wants them to develop their creativity. She also wants her students to better themselves and for them to use their new skills in the future.

Ms. Duke teaches in room 508 if you ever want to introduce yourself.