What Would Be Your Dream Vacation?


Liset Prado

A beach in Santa Barbara proves to be a great vacation site.

Liset Prado, Staff Reporter

School and homework is always clouding our minds and we start to think about future vacations that would be really nice for us. Most would probably consider driving, traveling by airplane, or riding on a train to get to their dream location. It all depends on the budget the certain person may have, but in the end, it will be worth the planning.

The options are endless so here are a few dream vacations that several students chose from a poll conducted by the school.

Jaime Prado, grade 9, replied, “I would go to Niagara Falls, because I think it would be nice.”

Carlos Magana, grade 12 commented, ” I would either go to Mexico, Europe, or Australia since there is a lot that I would like to see.”

“I would go to Greece because there is a lot of history there,” Jenny Prado, grade 12, replied.

Other places mentioned in this poll were Switzerland, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, England, France, and many more fun and exotic places. It all varied depending on the person so certain places were mentioned several times between the students.

Seniors Brayden Jones and Adrian Flippo, both agreed that Hawaii would be an amazing place to go due to their local food and wildlife species.

If you are interested in traveling to new locations then make sure to listen to the announcements because you might miss the opportunity to travel to England and France or possibly South America too. There are often school trips offered through the science department.  Traveling can be really fun and it can help get your mind off of stressful school work.

Even if you may not be able to leave the country, there is still the option to travel within the U.S which can be really exciting for most of us. There is a lot to see outside of the school so don’t be afraid to venture out into new locations.