Band and Choir host Halloween dance and Haunted house


Karina Rodriguez , Staff Reporter

This 2019 Halloween season Band and Choir decided to take advantage of the holiday and raise some money for their year expenses. The Band sold tickets for a stroll around a haunted house they created on campus. The choir sold tickets for a Halloween dance held in the MPB on campus. Both events took place on October 26. The cost for each ticket was 5 dollars.

The events had the school transformed and it looked so spooky! The MPB had a DJ, dance floor, tables, lights off, fog, and spooky decorations. The haunted house had the band room completely transformed. The room was split up into sections with curtains, with each section containing parts from scary movies or scary characters.  The rest of the quad had food, drinks, games, and lots of backgrounds for picture taking. The band and choir pulled off a very impressive event.

I had to go through the haunted house to take pictures and let me just say if you didn’t go you missed out! In my opinion it was the best school event I have attended. Julia Pedregon (10) said the event was very cool. “The dance is empty though because everyone is in line to go to the haunted house.” She also said, “The haunted house was good for being a high school one.” She rated the event a 8/10.