U.S Troops Withdraw from Syria

NBC news

Leonardo Ramos, Staff Reporter

The Trump administration has set a planned withdraw from Syria on Sep 14, 2019. Trump administration believe that it is not their job to police the world and the U.S. has no obligation to stay in Syria any longer.

The United States has decided to withdraw their troops that are stationed in Syria, but it is no yet safe to do so. The U.S is leaving and there is still a possibility that ISIS will re-emerge and create chaos. U.S officials have warned that ISIS is trying to make a comeback, and the war will start again.

The Trump administration received a lot of criticism for withdrawing the troops. The Trumps administration is removing special forces such as the ones that exterminated the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-baghdadi.

The accelerated withdraw left only 300 military personnel in the southern base of Al Tanf. Pulling troops from Syria left the Kurdish allies to fend for themselves against the Turkish military. ISIS fighters have escaped detention centers and prison camps as U.S pulls troops. The 300 troops that remain are there to support the SDF, a long time ally of the U.S. What we do not know is how many troops are going to be left in Syria once the withdraw is complete.

A 12 member Syria study group that were appointed by congress say that ISIS is still a threat.