Trinity Meza Shares Recruitment Experience


Daisy Rodriguez

Trinity Meza sports her Letterman's jacket.

Daisy Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

Anyone would take free money if it is offered, and that is exactly what scholarships are.

Seniors everywhere apply for scholarships to try and get as much help as they can for college, but imagine getting a scholarship just for playing a sport. By playing sports, students can also get recruited by recruiters who see them as a candidate for a college team. Trinity Meza, a senior, is one of many who has been recognized for her achievements in sports.

Meza has been involved with athletics all her life. When she was small she used to play soccer, do swim, cheer, gymnastics, and dance. Then, in junior high, she played volleyball. Her freshman year of high school, she played basketball. Now, as a senior, she plays tennis, softball, and travel softball.

From these sports, she has received many awards. Meza began to recite her best awards excitedly and said, “My freshman year of high school, for tennis varsity, I got the rookie award, and in basketball, my freshman year I got most improved, and then for softball my freshman year, I got best offense award. My sophomore year I didn’t play because I was injured. My junior year for tennis, I got the coach’s award, and I also got the coach’s award my junior year for softball. Here I am in my senior year hoping for some more.”

Her great achievements have led her to start talking to a recruiter from a school called Barstow Community College. She reminded me that nothing is finalized, but she is very excited to have a chance at playing for them.

Meza shared how she had been recruited,  explaining the general recruitment process while putting her own experience in it. She said, “It’s actually kind of long and complicated, so, you can basically go onto these websites you pay for and you can email different types of coaches you want to play for and they can email you back or just kind of ignore you. If they do email you back, then you can keep on talking and hopefully get something out of it. You can maybe get a deal for a scholarship or maybe just a tryout; not all recruitments you get scholarships. Or, you can go to camps, like I went to a Reno tournament just last weekend that was a showcase camp where college coaches actually come out and watch you play and that’s actually where I talked to this Barstow coach where he actually saw me play and he wants to maybe recruit me to his team.”

Meza gave some advice for all the sports players wanting to be recruited. “You just have to show yourself or email, or text, or call coaches and you have to be friendly and talk with them and have fun.”

Best of luck to those who wish to get scholarships or recruited.