Student Spotlight: Jimmy Gonzalez


Destiny Gonzalez

Jimmy Gonzalez enjoys being class president.

Destiny Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

Los Banos High School would like to shine the spotlight on a particular student. The student chosen is Jimmy Gonzalez. Jimmy is the senior class president this year. PawPrint wanted to take a look into Jimmy’s role as class president. He was asked the following questions:

What are some duty’s you have as president?

“My duties as president require me to make sure this senior year is the best we’ve had in our last three years of high school. I’m a team player and try and incorporate everyone’s  ideas. So far I’ve organized class shirts, floats, and freshman reception with the help of my officers Alexis, Meg, and Ashley.”

What is some advice you’d give the next up coming president?

“Always stay on top of things, never do things last minute and take in other opinions because the more ideas you have the better the outcome can be.”

What are some factors you’ve learned in this role?

“I’ve learned that communication is the best thing to imply. Following that is organization, and another thing I’ve learned is that when you give your all in something, it comes out amazing.”

Can you apply the things you’ve learned into the real world?

“Yes, I can apply them to the real world because my job requires leadership, responsibility, and determination. And when I’m older, these qualities can be applied in almost everything I do.”

What are some benefits of being class president?

“Some benefits of being president are gaining the experience of being a leader. I also get a boost of confidence knowing that I can do the job correctly. Another benefit is that you make close connections with people that want to participate in our senior events.”

How do you manage the stress of being president?
“Doing things before the deadline helps take the load off my shoulders.” He also added that he “manages the stress by dividing all the jobs with my officers so everyone is involved.” The stressful time that he and his team had was when making the class shirts because they wanted the shirts to be liked by everyone. He learned from that event that he is not able to please everyone no matter how hard he tries.