Student Spotlight: Emma Norin


Fanasy Nelson, Staff Reporter


Emma Norin (12) is a foreign exchange student this year.  She is still adjusting to America after coming from Sweden. Keeping up with grades and adjusting to classes and the American lifestyle has been a challenge for her, but she is enjoying her time, learning new things, and making friends along the way.

Norin has a passion for fashion and plans to pursue a career in this field in the future.  She said, “I like how in fashion you can put clothing pieces together, and you can make it express how you feel. Fashion to me isn’t just clothes. Fashion is a way that you can make statements, a living art. Fashion is like art, not on paper, but for me.”

Norin plans to return to Sweden at the end of the school year, but she will have to finish up her last year  at her own high school. She also wants to backpack her way through Australia and Asia in the fall after she graduates. Norin plans to go to London to study at London College of Fashion. After, she would love to work and/or study fashion in New York at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Norin has big goals for her life and she will achieve those dreams because she is so passionate about her future. She plans to work extremely hard in hopes that everything she does will pay off for a successful career and life.

Although Norin still has a long way to go, she will accomplish all her goals because she is hard-working, has a good fashion sense, and determination to make it happen.