The Least Visited Countries In The World

Liset Prado, Staff Reporter

Have you ever wondered what the least visited country in the world was? There are several countries that can be considered the least visited in the world, but here are the top five.

  1. Nauru- 160 visitors
  2. Somalia- 400 visitors
  3. Tuvalu- 2,000 visitors
  4. Kiribati- 4,000 visitors
  5. South Sudan- 5,500 visitors

Nauru is considered the least visited country in the world because the small island is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is home to less than 10,000 inhabitants and only one airline is available in that country. With only 160 visitors per year, their tourist attraction and hotels are very scarce.

Somalia comes in as the second least visited country in the world with only 400 visitors annually. Before the civil wars in the 1990s, Somalia was great toward tourists. Now there are several warnings to those interested in traveling to Somalia due to armed conflicts with the government. There are some beautiful parts to the country like its mountain ranges, national parks, and waterfalls. Somalia is home to a variety of wildlife and the longest coastline in the African continent.

Tuvalu is one of the smallest and most remote countries in the world due to it being really inaccessible. If you want to travel to Tuvalu, you must first catch a propeller plane from Fiji airport that flies only twice a week. Within Tuvalu there are nine other smaller islands that tourists can spend time on exploring. Tuvalu offers a diversity of marine life and coral reefs which can prove to be great for snorkeling and diving. Rising sea levels also pose a threat to the country because it is possible that it all can be underwater soon. This country comes in as third in the list because they only receive about 2,000 visitors per year.

Kiribati is a very secluded and inaccessible country due to the islands within itself. There are several ways to get to Kiribati but one of the most common ways is to fly from Nauru, Marshall Islands, or from Fiji. The locals are known to be really welcoming, even going as far as inviting the tourists to participate in their cultural practices. Even though Kiribati receives 4,000 visitors annually, they are still extremely untouched.

The last country on this list is South Sudan, which has 5,500 visitors per year. South Sudan is one of the most newest countries in the world so they still have issues with civil wars. Many tourists still report South Sudan as their favorite due to their cultural history and food. It may not be the least visited country on this list, but it’s still considered dangerous for some to visit which is why it’s considered one of the least visited.

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