ROP Portfolio Day Approaching


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Angela Vance, Staff Reporter

Regional Occupational Program (ROP) class students are preparing themselves for Portfolio Day on February 27, 2020. Portfolio Day will take place in the Los Banos High School Library and it gives students the opportunity to experience an interview and to display their hard work from all school year in their portfolio.

In this interview, students practice their interview skills in order to gain valuable feedback for future job interviews. Students will participate in a one-on-one interview with a working member of the community while being asked common interview questions. During that time, students will share their portfolio with them and highlight their skills and work experience. This mock interview is a very important component of all ROP classes.

The employability portfolio that students will create includes: table of contents, cover letter, resume, completed job application, letter of recommendations, work sample, career action plan, employability skills self-evaluation, training plan, and any additional portfolio pieces the student would like to add. The documents included in the portfolio will be accumulated all year long in the student’s ROP class.

Students have to dress as if they are going to a real interview and will be judged on their personal appearance and grooming. The minimum dress requirements are slacks with a collared shirt and the slacks should be fitted on the waist and shirt should be tucked in. Flip-flops, tennis shoes, mid-drifts, hats, or t-shirts are not allowed. The better the students dress, the more professional they will seem to the interviewer.

Students can prepare themselves for the mock interviews by knowing each piece of the portfolio by name and its contents. The students will be given potential questions that they will be asked during the interview that they can use to prepare themselves. They can also look at the rubrics that will be given prior to know what they need to do to achieve a good score on their interview.