Great Local Spots In Los Banos To Grab A Bite


Liset Prado

Tacos, carne asada fries, beef nachos, and a chicken quesadilla from Cotija Taco Shop.

Liset Prado, Staff Reporter

Have you ever wanted to try going somewhere unknown to most people? The city of Los Banos has a lot of hidden local spots that can prove to provide a great experience so here are five of the many spots in town.

  1. Cotija Taco Shop- 5 W Pacheco Blvd
  2. Mr. Taco- 850 W Pacheco Blvd
  3. Courthouse Diner- 245 W Pacheco Blvd
  4. Hot City BBQ- 1313 S 6th St.
  5. The Quail Wine Bistro- 639 9th St.

The Cotija Taco Shop and Mr. Taco provide quick service to all who stop by for a taste of authentic Mexican food. They offer an endless amount of options for all sorts of people, especially young high school students who want to search for great local stops. Cotija and Mr. Taco is great for big groups and kids who are willing to enjoy the outdoor seating. If you are curious, then they both open from 9:00 a.m. to about 9:00 p.m.

Would you rather prefer something more traditional and homemade? Courthouse Diner offers a variety of options for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Even though this diner is hidden away from the public eye, you get a sense of community once you walk in.

Hot City BBQ is known to a small amount of people, but yet they still attract customers from around time when they are open. They are a small, traditional barbecue Roadhouse inspired from North Carolina, Memphis Tennessee, and Texas. Hot City BBQ is only open Fridays through Sundays so that they can provide their customers with the quality meat they want.

Last on this list is a local, tucked away restaurant that was recently opened back a few months back. The Quail Wine Bistro. If you want something with a bigger variety of options then this is the place for you with food ranging from both vegan and meat items. The Quail is focused on providing people with great food that is different from everywhere else in town. It is better known to be a small family run restaurant with a menu that is always adapting to the needs of the guests.

As Los Banos keeps growing in population, so do the restaurants here in town. The little spots that are hidden do not always bring a lot of attention to themselves, but they do provide homemade food that you can’t find in any fast food chain. Even if it’s after a high school game or an event done by a club, you can never go wrong with switching to the local spots available to anyone.