Senior Best! Winners Announced


This year’s senior best page is almost ready for production in the yearbook.

Alex Caloca, Staff Reporter

Never heard of Senior Best? Senior Best is something fun yearbooks like to include in their book. Chosen seniors are featured in many different categories such as, “Best Dressed,” “Best Friends,” “Life of the Party,” and many more.

The process of getting candidates is simple. Every senior receives a paper with all the categories students are eligible to run for. A boy and a girl are nominated for each category. Students can nominate their top three candidates for boys and girls. The students with the most nominations are placed on the voting list. After, students vote again for a winner of each category.  Seniors with the most votes win the category and are featured in a special section of the yearbook.

Here is a list of the winners for Senior Best 2020.

Senior Best

Most Changed: Alberto Rivera & Jovanna Plascencia

Best Dressed: Jacob Carreiro & Sofia Mariscal

Most Athletic: Landon Ramos & Holly Ballez

Biggest Flirt: Josh Barron & Cassiana Rollicheck

Most School Spirit: Bradley Roberts & Alexia Cortez

Most Caring/Biggest Sweetheart: Christian Lonetree & Ally Watkins

Best Friends: DJ West/Ralph Zavala & Audrey Lowe/Sienna Hampton

Worst Senioritis: Joseph Fagundes & Shay Cook

Biggest Aggie: Manny Marquez & Katie Rasey

Life of The Party: Jimmy Gonzalez & Sienna Hampton

Most Likely to Trip at Graduation: Jacob Johnson & Liliana Galvan

Class Clown: Amillio Cortez & Jackie Bangle

Most Artistic: Alfredo Perez & Lizbeth Espinoza

Biggest Bookworm: Carlos Magana & Daisy Rodriguez

Best Gamer: Kevin Carmo & Angelina Lopez

Most Likely to Travel the World: Allen Matthews & Meg Garcia

Best Foodie: Chris Mendoza & Mina Navarro

Most Musical: Brayden Jones & Jazel Valdez

Best Bromance: Jake Pafford/Conner Cascia & Jeanette Morales/Jocelyn Vasquez

Gym Rat: Justin Incaprera & Jadie Beltran

Students can check out these pictures in this year’s yearbook.  If you have not bought one yet, there are some still available.  Come to room 43 to purchase a book.  Prices are currently $80 increasing to $85 in February.  Also, if seniors want senior ads, those spots are quickly going too.  Hurry and get your book of memories today.