Should Gun Laws be Tougher?


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Jovanni Leon, Staff Reporter

First, next year The House of Representatives will have more Democrats then Republicans, Republicans want say if you take away our guns then everybody that has guns does not have rights.

Gun control (or firearms regulation) is the set of laws or policies that regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, or use of firearms by civilians. In some countries such as the United States, gun control may be legislated at either a federal level or a local state level.

The specifics of the laws, and the degree to which they are utilized, vary from state to state. The Red flag law, allows the temporary confiscation of firearms from a person deemed a risk to others or to themselves. 

Gun violence in the United States results in tens of thousands of deaths and injuries annually. In 2013, there were 73,505 nonfatal firearm injuries 23.2 injuries per 100,000 persons, and 33,636 deaths due to gun violence.

Second Amendment sanctuary refers to resolutions adopted by some jurisdictions in the United States to not expend resources to enforce certain gun control measures perceived as violative of the Second Amendment. 

The Senate has more Republicans. The Senate will probably be against these rules. President Donald Trump likely will not support them either. Trump has promised to protect gun owners. 

Republican frustration with Trump’s lack of clarity on the issue has started to spill into public. Senators are anonymously complaining about Trump’s inability to define what he’s for and going on Sunday talk shows to implore him to make his preferences clear. 

Basically at the end the of the day guns will never end up getting completely regulated even with shootings annually. Democrats will try to make laws about guns.

They acknowledge the popularity of gun-control measures, especially with the suburban voters in Ohio and other shootings in general.