Prom Preparations With Jaime Gomez


Jaime Gomez poses with his girlfriend Jenny.

Liset Prado, Staff Reporter

Hey Tigers, since prom is coming up on April 18, it was decided that an interview with a student about their prom preparations had to be done. The student was Jaime Gomez, a senior at Los Banos High school.

When asked about the first thing that he is going to do he responded with, “First thing that I am going to do is ask my girlfriend, Jenny Prado, out to prom with me. Then I’m going to buy my ticket when they come out this month on the 24th. I’ve been looking at tuxedos for a while now so I have an idea of what I am searching for.”

Prom is going to be located at Vista Ranch in Merced and tickets will be sold throughout February 24 to March 13. Prom preparations have already begun with Jaime, and he won’t fall behind on the plans that he has scheduled.

He is hoping to rent out a black, fitted, tuxedo that gives him the clean look he has in mind. His girlfriend, Jenny Prado, is searching for a white with silver gown that has some flare to it. She is hoping to make appointments for her hair, nails, makeup, and eyebrows because according to Jenny,” I need to make these appointments in advance because spots get taken up really quickly.”

In the mind of Jaime Gomez, prom is a day to be remembered so he wants to make sure that nothing goes wrong on that special day. His preparations are not done yet, since he is still unsure if he wants to rent out any extra accessories or items.

“It’s a little stressful for me because I’m trying to make sure that everything is good for prom. I wouldn’t want something to suddenly get ruined by a mistake,” Jaime commented.

Prom should be full of fun, so Jaime’s advice to all those reading this is to be happy throughout all the preparations that are going to be made.