FFA Week Celebrates The Meaning of Agriculture

Destiny Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

People fail to realize how much we depend on agriculture. Agriculture plays an important role in our daily lives, from the clothes on our back to the food in our stomach.

Around 653,000 of the FFA members show their appreciation and support during the famous National FFA week. For those who are unaware of the meaning behind the week, it is a week to help promote FFA and spread awareness. Some history behind this week dates back to 1948. That is when Washington’s legacy as an agriculturalist and farmer was recognized. The message that is trying to be displayed is that there is more to agriculture than farming. The FFA mission is to prepare future generations on the importance and challenges of agriculture.

 At our school we will be supporting FFA week. Each day will have a theme which FFA members dress up to. Starting Tuesday as Ag. day,  FFA members will wear patriotic colors. At lunch on Tuesday there will be hot dogs, water, music , and a baseball game. Wednesday is the day to combine exercise and Ag for Agercise day. FFA members will be wearing workout clothes and boots to play corn-hole. Thursday is when members wear any FFA apparel and later that night, they will play volleyball while enjoying french fries. To end the week, members will be representing the Los Banos High School FFA Chapter by wearing their FFA jackets. Since it is a fun Friday, there will be a dodge-ball game held at lunch in the quad. In addition, there will be signs throughout the campus with Ag facts.