Experience the Blood Drive


Liset Prado

Blood Drive poster outside of entrance so students may see.

Isaiah Chavez, Staff Reporter

Does saving lives because you donated sound like something you would be interested in? Then you might want to consider donating blood at the blood drive next year. A pint that you donate can save many lives.

The blood drive took place on February 21. It was a successful turnout, as many students turned up and donated blood. Most of them were nervous about the experience of being poked with a needle.  However, many students were willing to take the pain  for a good cause. Ashley Rivera, (12) said, ¨It was a scary experience for me, but I would do it again because I know it’s helping someone who needs it.¨

The process of donating blood to the blood drive is a simple one. Students fill out a packet, basically saying their parents are okay with them donating and the precautions involved in the process. Then students answer a questionnaire about their health. Next a nurse takes some blood from their finger to make sure they are safe to donate. From then, students  just wait until it is their turn to donate. Afterwards there is a resting area with snacks and drinks so they can recuperate.

There are a few things that you should do in preparation for donating blood. One, get a good nights rest the night before the big day. Second, at least a few hours before donating, eat a good healthy meal that way you do not feel weak or queasy. And drink at least an extra 16oz of water than you normally would. This makes your veins larger and easier for the nurses to find, and they will not have to fish around for a vein.

So you may not have donated this year, and that is okay.  There is always next year.  Donating blood does take courage, but the reward knowing that you helped someone, takes over the pain, leaving you feeling good about yourself.  You can do this!