Student Spotlight: Audrey Lowe


Alex Caloca, Staff Reporter

Audrey Lowe is currently a senior at Los Banos High School. She participates in ASB and sports such as cheer, and currently, she is on the swim team.

Audrey says the three words that describe her senior year so far are “memorable, exciting and scary.” She also said, “I never believed the upperclassmen when they said senior year goes by like blink of an eye. It feels like we just started school a month ago, now prom is around the corner than senior banquet and then graduation. This last year has made me realize to not take things for granted. This is the last year we’re all going to be high school students with all our friends we’ve grown up with, the last year for most of us that we have our parents looking out for us before we head off to college.”

Audrey plans on attending Fresno City College after high school. When asked what she plans on majoring in college, she said, “I plan on majoring in Allied Health because it leads to a radiology program I plan on getting into. After the program, I plan on having a career as an Ultrasound Tech and just work around that field of work because it’s always been something that I’ve found interesting.”

When asked what was a piece of advice she’d give to underclassmen or up and coming seniors, she said,  “Be open to new opportunities and step out your comfort zone. As hard as it seems, you’d be surprised how much changes.”

Audrey, as other seniors are sad to see the school year come to an end, but she is very excited about starting the next chapter in her life.