Yearbook Staff Selects Editors


Kimberly McCullough

Brissa Flores and Karime Barragan look over color samples for the yearbook.

Nathan Cantor, Staff Reporter

Five students from the Yearbook staff were chosen to be editors.  They are Head Editor, Lorayna Jaramillo (12), Brissa Flores (12), Karime Barragan (12), Naybe Bustos (12), and Davina Rosales (11).

The yearbook can be describe in different ways. People have different responses and opinions about yearbook. Lorayna Jaramillo said, ”My definition of a yearbook would be a book that everyone can look back on and remember all the fun things they did during the school year.”

Another editor, Davina Rosales stated, ”My definition of yearbook is basically a summary of the whole entire year start to finish.” But this year will be a struggle for the yearbook staff.  Without students and activities, the staff has to come up with creative ways to build the book.  Rosales said, ”My goal as editor is to make the book the best it can be under this year’s circumstances.” She stated that no matter what, she will try to do her best for the book.

During this pandemic time, working on the book can be difficult. Editor Naybe Bustos said, ”Something I would like to show in this year’s book is that we’re trying our best to make this your book look great. Even though we’re stuck in quarantine, that isn’t stopping us from creating  a yearbook full of memories!!!”

Karime Barragan said, “For me, a yearbook is a way to look back on the memories we have created through these years.”  She added, “My goals as an editor is to create a yearbook that will bring joy to people as they look back on it. It is also my goal to help come out with ideas that will improve the overall design of the yearbook.”

Barragan also talks about how they work hard planning this year’s product. She said, “Since this year’s yearbook is like no other, I want students to know that we as a team worked hard to create something that they can look back on and appreciated those years of youth. It is more that just captions and pictures; it’s precious memories.”

Brissa Flores weighed in too about the pandemic and how it is affecting yearbook.  “Yearbook this year is quite difficult to build up as we have no actual school or events. So we must be creative for our ideas and do things we’ve never done before. We want the most student involvement as possible so most of these pictures are actually sent in from home rather than at school so it’s more personal in a way.”

She also said that despite the current situation, she hopes that the yearbook will showcase “an entire school year filled with captured memories and good times trapped into one entire book you can look back on for the rest of your life.”

The yearbook editors and staff have a huge job ahead of them.  Mrs. Kimberly McCullough, yearbook advisor commented, “This year is one-of-a-kind, and yearbook has the challenge of documenting these events of this year as it unfolds.  The uncertainty is what makes this task difficult, but I have full confidence in the staff.  They are working hard to create new and interesting spreads which showcase our students off campus. They are up for the challenge and doing a fantastic job.”

Some reminders of the Yearbook:

  • Senior Baby pictures Due Oct. 30
  • Senior Quotes Due Oct. 30
  • Senior Portraits need to be chosen by Nov. 13
  • Senior ads Due Feb. 11
  •   Yearbooks are selling for $80 through (