Will parents allow their children to return to school?


Yahir Mondragon

The empty halls of Los Banos High School.

Yahir Mondragon Ramirez

Will students ever return back to school? A recent poll sent to sophomores and seniors asked, “Would parents allow you to return to school if Los Banos says it is ok to do so?” Surprisingly 262 people responded and results showed 51.9% said yes, 17.6% said no, and 30.5% said maybe.

An interview was held with Mrs. Yadira Ramirez, a parent of a Los Banos High School student, and she was asked “Explain some of the challenges you have faced as a parent with distance learning and because of this would you want your child to return back to school?” She answered, “I have not faced many problems because my child is able to find a solution to his problems, but I understand that it might not be the case for everyone, and I understand many children might want to return to school or possibly stay home after the pandemic for health reasons.”

Some students know where their parents stand on this issue.  Senior Sergio Robledo was asked, “How would your parents feel about you going to school with the pandemic going on?” He responded, ” They would not mind, but they also know there will be a lot of rules and regulations applied because of the pandemic, and I’m sure not everyone will follow them. They don’t think it’s a good idea to go back.”

Although results showed 51.9% said yes to coming back to campus, it still seems quite unsure for the most part as well as controversial. Students like Robledo are unsure and think of others before putting themselves at risk from catching the Corona virus. Robledo stated, “If I were to return to school I hope everyone takes precautions serious to keep my family and I safe.”

The Corona virus pandemic started on New Year’s Eve 2019 in the city of Wuhan, China. Evidence shows that early cases were shown around November. The United States has now been in quarantine for about nine months and students lives are being impacted every day. Students are unable to do the regular things they would do everyday before the pandemic such as go to school, interact with others, play sports, and attend school events. The class of 2020 was impacted greatly by not having a traditional graduation, prom, or finishing some sporting events.

Now the question is will students in Los Banos return back to school and have their normal lives back?