Are you a good pet owner?


Ruth Fuentes, Staff Reporter

Are you a good pet owner? is a question asked by many. According to an article written by, simply research itself brings so many benefits to this question, but where does a person start?

Having a pet takes time, patience, responsibility, and lots of care. According to this website, when considering a pet, a person should find one that fits both your lifestyle and daily routine ensuring that you will be sharing the same home and devoting enough time to the right animal.

Sometimes looking for motivation or that little push that everyone needs, might be hard to find. Two pet owners kindly shared their experience with their furry friend. First, Mrs. Joanne Carruth, an English teacher and her husband Sergio adopted three dogs named Abby, Buck, and Maggie, along with two Ball Pythons, Yawn and Viper within a two year window from 2015 to 2017.

She describes this experience as a happy time for her family.  “I was excited to bring them into our home because they make me happy.” Her happiness continues as she describes her time with her pets while her husband is at work. The animals give her company. She wishes to give more time to her pets, as she says, “I could also always give them more cuddles.”

In an article called, “Friendship’s Last,” by American Kennel Club, people considering pets need to prepare by getting the essentials such as food, leash and collar, a bed, toys, and treats.  Time is the most important essential of all.  If you do not have time for a pet, then consider a pet that does not need much, like fish.

Heavenly Driscoll, (11) has a one year old Chihuahua Cali, who she describes as her best friend. She enjoys time with her pet. She did have some struggles, as she shared, in making her dog listen, but she still taught her how to give her her paw. Driscoll said, “she is a very good girl. I love my Cali.”

Being a good pet owner might have some struggles, but those memorable times with your pet, makes each day worthwhile.  If you love them, they will love you.

Are you a good pet owner?