Covid Vaccines Ready by November/December?

A Covid 19 vaccine is in the works.

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A Covid 19 vaccine is in the works.

Isaac Flores, Staff Reporter

Covid-19 has changed the world in a way we could have never imagined, but thankfully there are high hopes for a vaccine that could be ready as early as by the end of 2020. Top US infectious disease expert Dr. Fauci has assured citizens that the vaccine should be ready by November/December.

Dr. Mari Flores, a doctor in Mexico, said that there is a very high probability that it would be ready by November/December, but not without its flaws.

Dr. Mari said, “…since it is being done so quickly it might have some flaws that could lead to it being unsafe and ineffective for certain or all users.”

Vaccines usually take at least two years to develop, so how or why is this one going to be ready in less than one? Well, the obvious response would be to “save lives,” but there’s another factor, which is the reason why the vaccine is being developed so rapidly. Money. Money is a much higher motive for pharmacy companies to get their vaccine out first, according to YAHOO News on the week of September 30, “J&J signs manufacturing deal with GRAM for potential COVID-19 vaccine.”

As governments buy the vaccine, pharmacy companies have the final say on the price. Hundreds of millions, even billions will be spent by the government for these vaccines that might not even be as effective as the companies claim they are.