Personal reaction to distance learning and Covid-19

Christina Navarro, Staff Reporter

I am Christina Navarro, a junior at Los Banos High who would like to share my personal reaction to Covid-19 and distance learning.

Covid-19 impacts my life in the worst way; I feel as if I’m suffocating. I feel this way because I´m terrified to actually leave my home due to Covid. My twin brother could actually die if he were to be infected due to his compromised immune system. My dad is an essential worker so that scares me because he’s going out in the world where he may or may not die because of this virus.

Covid-19 impacts my education because it is stressful; it has its good and bad times so it contradicts itself. The good things are I learned how to be more productive with my personal life and online education. My family and I have learned how to handle stress more efficiently.  One bad thing about distance learning is my server connection. I feel stressed and would like to see less homework.  Many students are feeling large amounts of pressure to learn how to handle distance learning.  I miss having teachers helping me in the classroom.  I feel that their physical absence does not really guide or support me in my learning like I need each day.

I faced a life or death situation along with the entire world. This experience has taught me to live my best life each and every day. Also, it taught me that life is more precious than we once thought. My family suffers a lot during this time; we have a little bit of money, bills are behind, my parents stress a lot because of worrying about Covid and our health, especially for my twin brother. We are overwhelmed with stress.

I’m looking forward to going back to normalcy one day. Until then, I am not going back to school until this virus is under control.