Alumni Mr. Herrera returns to teach


Miguel Herrera

Mr. Herrera, our new Spanish Teacher enjoys teaching at his alma mater.

Daniela Cardona, Staff Reporter

Let’s all give a friendly welcome to Mr. Miguel Herrera, our new LBHS staff Tiger. Mr. Herrera is our new Spanish teacher.

He teaches Spanish 1 as well as Spanish 1-2 for our native speaker students. He is quite familiar with our campus considering he grew up here in Los Banos  and graduated as a LBHS Tiger in 2004. This being his seventh year of teaching, he seems to have developed a strong liking for what he does.

“I enjoy teaching the language of my grandparents and seeing the faces of students when they sound fluent,” explains Herrera.

Herrera is a 2012 Cal State Monterey Bay graduate. When starting his career, he realized that teaching is much more challenging than he had first expected. “One of my biggest challenges is dealing with the issue of time. There’s never enough time,” claims Herrera.

Distance learning has been difficult to adjust for students and definitely for teachers as well. Herrera shared that at the beginning this experience for him was “super stressful,” as anyone can imagine. He said that he does manage to keep an interactive/engaged group of students through online school. This just shows that some people were just made to teach young minds.

“My biggest challenge is monitoring the chat during first period. It’s a fun class!,” he shares.

Herrera’s goals this year are to continue to “grow” as a teacher in order for his student’s to take advantage of the class and learn as much as possible. As any good teacher, he wants his students to be successful.

Aside from teaching, Herrera is a a big sports fanatic. “I love, love, love sports!” He is a huge fan of the Cowboys, Giants and the Warriors.  His other goal of the year is for the Warriors to draft LaMelo Ball.

If you ever get the chance to see Mr. Herrera on campus once we get back, be sure to say hi ! Treating our new teachers with hospitality is a way of showing we are happy to welcome them in our school. After all, he used to be a student Tiger just like us!