Where would you go after the pandemic?

Nathan Cantor, Staff Reporter

The pandemic has put the world on hold.  People have spent months trapped in their homes with lockdowns to all fun places.  But students still have future plans of going somewhere… anywhere after this quarantine is over. Some students shared their first places they would venture to for various reasons of relaxation, entertainment, or family.

Senior Olivia Sanchez said, “After quarantine, I would love to go to the beach, and spend a week just relaxing in a beach house; or if it opens back up, I would love, to go to Disneyland and eat as many churros as I can.”

Many people go to different places because either they like to go there, or they go to that place for a reason. David Bustamante (11) said, “Once quarantine is over, I’d like to get out of Los Banos and go back to the Bay Area or out of state.  I want to go back to the Bay Area because I miss my friends and there is a lot more to do over there than Los Banos. I have been stuck inside since the start of quarantine, so I think going back home can help improve my mental health.”

Senior Logan Borchard said, “After quarantine the first place I’m going is my grandparents house in Clovis. I just want to relax and spend quality time with them. Go see a movie with my grandma like we used to do when I was little, then help my grandpa prepare dinner. All I know is I’m going to spend a good week with my grandparents because quarantine has made it hard for me to not see them.”

Everyone wants to go somewhere, either for something or for someone. This desire to be active and out in the world shows how people just want to go places when they can. People need that time to enjoy moments in that special place that makes them happy and mentally at peace with the world. Start planning your trip; it will make you feel better.