Ms. Duran-Robles Joins the Science Department

Yahir Mondragon Ramirez

In this 2020-21 school year, Los Banos High School welcomes a new Ap Chemistry/Chemistry teacher, Ms. Edith Duran- Robles.

Ms. Duran-Robles was raised in Merced County and went to UC Merced to pursue a degree in bio engineering. She decided to attend UC Merced because it was close to home and family is very important to her. During her time there, she did plenty of research in nano particle toxicity, and after graduating, she worked in the fermentation industry. After some time, she did a career change to switch to teaching chemistry. Ms. Duran-Robles tutored organic chemistry and wanted to keep teaching.

Ms. Duran-Robles loves chemistry.  The subject was very fascinating to her even from her first class and well into her undergraduate education.

Growing up, she had few role models but there was one particular teacher who always said to “never limit yourself.” She recalls that Mr. Gossman from Atwater High inspired and pushed her to never stop herself from pursuing her dreams.

Ms. Duran-Robles teaches 10 through 12th grade chemistry and AP chemistry. After being asked why she wanted to become a teacher she replied with a quote from Ghandi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Ms. Duran-Robles is very passionate about teaching.  Only 25 years old, she has already accomplished many things. She was an English Learner with parents who are immigrants and she is the first in her family to receive a bachelors degree.

She comes to our school with experience.  She previously taught at Selma Herndon Elementary and Golden Valley High School. In addition, she has tutored students and this will be her first year teaching chemistry at Los Banos High School. Her favorite thing about Los Banos High is our welcoming school culture, collaborating with other teachers, and she greatly appreciates the support of the staff and administration.

Some fun facts about Ms. Duran-Robles are that she carries a periodic table in her purse, loves to travel, learn new things, explore cultures, and experience life to the fullest.

Welcome to Los Banos High School, Ms. Edith Duran-Robles.  She is in room 408 if you are on campus.