Teacher discusses distant learning

Jesus Garcia Elizalde, Staff Reporter

Covid-19 has forced just about everyone to adjust to it. People no longer live normal lives. Students are going to virtual school and teachers cannot interact with them. Teachers have to adjust a lot for distant learning. They have to overcome many obstacles. Mr. Stephen Kline, a history teacher weighs in on his challenges during this quarantine time.

Kline, who is a veteran teacher says there are “a lot of ups and downs too distant learning.” Some adjustments he has done this year is streamlining his lessons and focusing a lot more on communication. He streamlines his lessons so students who miss class or did not fully understand a part of the lesson can always go back and watch the lesson again.

One area of consistency for teaching is making sure students understand the material, directions, and expectations of the lessons each day.  Kline states “communication has been a big focus as I need to be as clear as possible since students cannot just ask me questions and get immediate feedback.”  Students who do have questions send emails to teachers for further clarity, which teachers encourage instead of not understanding something.

In addition, Kline misses the interactions he had with this students, as do the students.  School is not the same.  Covid-19 has caused just about everything to change, but the student body and the staff are all getting through it together.