Who is the G.O.A.T of basketball Lebron James or Michael Jordan?

Jesus Garcia Elizalde, Staff Reporter

With Lebron James winning his fourth NBA title, the debate on who is the greatest basketball player has sparked up again. Is it Lebron James or Michael Jordan?

This topic is debated by just about everyone with a knowledge of basketball. From kids at the lunch table to grown ups at work. People continue to compare the achievements each player has and others will compare the time periods each player played in and the level of competition in each period. But really who is the so called “goat”?

People love to compare the achievements of each player. My uncle who watched MJ play and is actually a Bulls fan said,        “Lebron has nothing on MJ; Jordan won six NBA titles and Jordan led a dynasty.”

Most people who watched MJ play will say he is the goat. But a lot of younger viewers say otherwise. My cousin who is a huge Laker fan he said, “Yeah. MJ won six titles and repeated titles as well, but he did it with the same coach and the same team. Lebron has won a title with three different teams and three different coaches, something MJ couldn’t do- win a title with anther team.”

Another argument is the time periods. Older people that watched Jordan play will say that his time in the game was a lot more physical tougher than Lebron’s time. They say there is too many “fouls” in today’s game. But people that side with Lebron argue that in today’s game, there are “super teams,” which basically means that there are teams with more than one all-star in them, and the league is a “shooting league,” making it harder for big guys like Lebron.

SO who is the G.O.A.T of basketball? That answer is going to be different for everyone. One thing sports fans can all agree with is that both players have the best talents basketball has ever seen and that is without a doubt.