What’s your Favorite Scary Movie?

Nathan Cantor, Staff Reporter

Halloween is over.  The thrill of watching scary movies has died down, but people are very adamant about which movie is their favorite scary Halloween movie. Halloween movies have different effects that people like. Here are a few opinions from students and staff about their scary movie pick.

Senior Daniela Cardona Diaz DeLeon said, “One of my many favorite Halloween movies is the movie IT.”   She also said, “It’s one of my favorites because even though it’s supposedly a scary movie, it made me laugh so much. I love all of the characters because they all add something interesting to the movie. I also love how creepy it is because I love movies like that.” Cardona recommends this movie for a scary night.

Different Halloween and scary movies catch individuals attention for different reasons, such as the theme of the movie, the memorable characters or the slasher part of Halloween movies. Mrs. Kimberly McCullough said, “Movies that have some gore to them help create the suspense and that edge-of-your-seat type of feeling.  Freddy Kruger, the Candyman, Michael Myers are characters who added the scare factor into movies for me when I was younger.”  Locations also helps according to McCullough.  “When the movie Children of the Corn came out, I freaked because guess where I was?  Living in Pennsylvania surrounded by corn fields.  It was not a good time for me after watching this movie.  And anything with basements were absolutely horrible for me, because my mom often would send me down to our basement to get the clothes from the dryer which was way at the end of the room, in the dark.  And our steps going down were open so anyone or anything could grab you going up or down the stairs.  Spooky movies were never a good thing for me afterwards, but so fun watching.”

For me, my favorite Halloween/scary movie is the movie, Halloween from 1978. I like that film because of the slasher Michael Myers and how he looks with the pale white mask. When I saw it for the first time when I was little, the face mask scared me.  It was a face with no expression.  And from all the movies, that movie to me shows more of a real life thing that can happen. So that’s why I like it in addition to it started all the other slasher movies that was produced afterwards.

Compare any Halloween/scary movie to another Halloween/scary movie and they offer the similar things from themes to characters to outcomes, that’s why people love movies like this. It gets their attention, they get a scare, and they enjoy the film. What is your favorite scary movie?