Academic and Mental Health Workshops Available Month of November

The following Academic and Mental Health Workshops will be offered to students for the month of November.

November Mental Health Workshops “Working on me, myself, and I”  

– Facilitated by Katherine Reeves              Thursdays, 12:05-12:35 pm


November 12th:

The difference between alone and lonely


November 19th: 

Hopelessness – How to find hope and motivation in the midst of a pandemic


November Counseling Workshops “Getting Focused” – Facilitated by Jose Magallanes, Cynthia Mercado, Katey Leeper and/or Patrick Hollcraft

Tuesdays,  12:05-12:35PM


November 10th

How to use Google Calendar to organize your week.

  1. A) Learn how to add events.
  2. B) Learn how to generate meet link’s for group studying or group projects.
  3. C) Color code events by importance.
  4. D) Google Calendar App


November 17th

How to develop a school routine at home.

  1. A) Morning Routine
  2. B) Being at School Mentality.
  3. C) What does my day look like after School Hours.


November 24th

How to develop a Growth Mindset

  1. A) Definition
  2. B) Examples of Growth Mindset in practice.
  3. C) How to apply it to your life.