What is your favorite holiday?

Nathan Cantor, Staff Reporter

With so many celebrations throughout the year, people have a certain holiday that is their all time favorite.

Since a year holds many holidays in it, it may be difficult for individuals to pick only one favorite. And some people may have opinions and disagreements about the holiday of your choice.  Zoey Harris(11) says, “My favorite holiday is Christmas. My traditions that I do around Christmas time is decorating my house with Christmas lights and putting up my Christmas tree.  Also we play White Elephant and Secret Santa every year for Christmas.  Then on Christmas Eve, I go to my aunt’s house for dinner and open presents one-by-one from the youngest to the oldest.  Lastly our final tradition for the evening is that we all drink eggnog together and spend time with our families and friends.” Harris also stated that with all of these traditions, it is hard to not love Christmas.  It makes her year complete.

Many people do have the same favorite holiday, but culture influences different or similar reasons why people like a particular holiday more.   Junior, Marcela Romo she said, “My favorite holiday is Christmas.  One tradition that is important to me is the posada.  The birth of Jesus is something that we celebrate in Mexico, which is why we make the posada. The word posada means “inn” or “shelter” in Spanish. These mini traditions in the posada are singing a variety of Mexican Christmas carols, breaking a piñata, making tamales and hot chocolate, and so on.” For Romo and her culture, these are important traditions to have each year to make her family celebration festive and memorable.

For me out of all the holidays in the year, my favorite would be the Thanksgiving holiday. The main reason why I like Thanksgiving is because of the food and spending time with family and friends. But the most important reason this holiday is especially important to me is because I get to be thankful for want I have. So that’s my holiday and reasons I enjoy it.

All the holidays in the year are celebrated. And some holidays aren’t celebrated as much than others, but people still enjoy them. People celebrate holidays for a variety of reasons.  Family, friends, and food seem to make up most holiday favorites, as well as traditions that will carry over from year-to-year for many people.