Have you been waiting to check out a good read from our library?

Nathan Cantor, Staff Reporter

Update:  This feature of our school library is still available.  If you don’t have time to go to the library and search for books, you can use Destiny Discover to find a book.  The program has descriptions and the ability to place books on hold to pick up at a later time.


People enjoy reading and checking out books from the library. And there are many books available to find and read anytime you are in the need of a novel or nonfiction materials. The Los Banos High School library has made your book search a little bit easier during distance learning through a website where you can now browse and check out books from our school library.

The website called “Destiny Discover” allows students to search the books from our school library and check out what books students would like to read. This is a great way to order books virtually, but still get the actual books on campus.

Here’s how it works.

The website gives a ton of accessibility and options to help students out. Librarian, Mrs. Mary Accardo said, “Students may have up to three books checked out at the same time.” By accessing the website, students can view book selections and read the book’s description before making their selection.  When students make their book selections, a notification goes to the librarian.  She will pull the books for the student and have the books ready for pick up in the library.

For people who like to have their books for a while to read them, this website offers that to you. Accardo said, “Books are due back in four weeks, but can be renewed for another four weeks if students want to keep their book past the due date and stay off the overdue list.”

Accardo said, “I think the online accessibility to the LBHS Library to students is a very good thing and should be successful once the word gets out, so far, I’ve had a few students take advantage of the opportunity to virtually visit the library, check out a book and then come in to pick it up in person. I took some time learning how to use the program to see what it offers and I’m optimistic about its future relevance.”

She states that this website will be successful after some time and that students should take advantage of this.  Don’t let distance learning stop you from enjoying our school library and reading.

Order your books today!  Check Out Destiny Discover website: https://search.follettsoftware.com/metasearch/ui/35896