Students Have Mixed Feelings About Returning To School

Douglas Wallace, Staff Reporter

With school continuing with online learning and the ideas of reopening on the horizon, students have mixed feelings about returning to campus.

When asked about returning to school, Daniel Cervantes (12) said, “In the current situation, I do not feel like it would be safe to reopen.”

Distance learning has been especially hard on our seniors this year. They feel as if they have had their final year taken from them. Students have been finding it hard to work with distance learning.   Many students find it hard to stay motivated and engaged with the assignments with the new learning format.

Senior Luis Fierro said, “It’s hard to find the motivation to do my assignments when I’m at home; when I’m at school, it’s a more natural work environment.”

When asked if they had the choice to go back, students had mixed responses. Some students stated how they missed their friends and how they wanted go back, while others said they would rather stay home.

With the idea of school reopening soon as a hybrid schedule, our students all had one main requirement in mind and that is only if masks are enforced and it is guaranteed to be safe. With distance learning reaching its fifth month this year, students and teachers alike wish they could be back on campus living a normal life again.

While this story was in production, Merced County entered the purple tier for Covid 19 cases meaning over 100,ooo residents have tested positive.  A statement from our superintendent Dr. Marshall was released, “In light of this we have made the important decision to postpone to a gradual hybridized schedule in 2021.”

The statement from Dr.Marshall can be found on the Los Banos High School’s website.