Soccer Legend Diego Maradona dies at age 60

Jesus Garcia Elizalde, Staff Reporter

On November 25 famous soccer legend Diego Maradona died at the age 60 from cardiac arrest.

Diego Maradona led Argentina to the World Cup in 1986 and was a huge superstar across the world. He played for various top flight teams in Europe. Most noticeably was his tenure in Napoli.

Maradona won many titles. The most  important title was his World Cup that he won with Argentina in 1986. He also won titles in Italy with Napoli. He played for the Argentine Giants, the Boca Juniors were he is a legend, as well as for the Spanish Superpower Barcelona.

Maradona most famous moment without a doubt was when he scored the ¨hand of god goal¨ in the 1986 FIFA world cup against England in the quarter finals. He scored the goal with his hand and the referee did not see and awarded argentina the goal. Argentina ended up winning that game.

Diego Maradona also had various health problems according to the website, Teller Report who wrote an article named, “Decades of Diego Maradona Health Problems.” The article stated that, “he battled drug addiction and he had many bypass surgeries.”

Diego Maradona was a superstar on and off the field, and he will be missed.