How To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

Daniela Cardona, Staff Reporter

New Year, New Resolutions!

Throughout the years people have kept the tradition of making New Years Resolutions. It’s a new year so it seems like the perfect time to set some new goals in order to maintain personal growth. It’s important to want to better yourself day by day in any way you can. Just make sure to go through with them!

Well, maybe you want to peruse a new hobby you’ve been putting off for years. Now’s the time to find a place in your schedule to practice this new activity or personal goal. This website, 6 Tips on Starting a New Hobby and Sticking With It offers advice about how you can realistically manage your time for a new hobby and how to avoid getting discouraged when struggling with this goal.

If you already have a goal in mind and you’re wondering how you can follow through with it–you can use this website, “Top 10 Most Common New Year’s Resolutions (And How to Follow Through on Them)” below.   This will give you a list of the most common New Year’s Resolutions which include exercising more, getting organized and learning a new hobby–and gives tips on the do’s and don’t’s on the goal setting of Resolutions and how to keep moving forward.

Top 10 Most Common New Year’s Resolutions (and How to Follow Through on Them)

Every year people seem to want to achieve similar goals or have goals they keep resetting the year after the next. Some including exercising more, learning a new hobby or even being more productive on a daily basis.

“A couple of my New Year’s Resolutions are to have a better mindset, improve my fashion sense, master soft glam makeup, and learn more effective ways to study,” shared LBHS senior, Naybe Bustos.

If  improving your fashion sense is a goal you want to set for the upcoming year, then the first step to this is figuring out what style it is you are aiming for. You must begin with the basic articles of clothing that define that type of style and go from there. Below there is an article that will give you tips on how to improve your fashion sense.

These 7 Tips Will Help You Improve Your Fashion Sense

Maybe you also want to find better ways to study to be prepared for college or just to make it through high school. The following article may help you with that. The article gives you tips including how to study with more intensity but for less time and studying techniques to avoid. If not you can always research and find techniques that work for you.

5 Research-Backed Studying Techniques

“I want to be more active physically, be more productive turning assignments on time and working on my procrastination problem. I want to make more art and focus on music as well, and sell more baked goods,” said LBHS Senior Class President, Felicity Marquez.

We all need that push to help us keeping moving forward and block out distractions. For help on how to stop procrastinating, click below. The following article will give you tips on how to break your work into smaller steps and how to set your own shorter deadlines on each small section of your work.

How to Stop Procrastinating: 11 Practical Ways for Procrastinators

Keep in mind that there are also apps that send you reminders on little things you want to improve on, like some will send you notifications to drink more water during the day, some will count your daily steps (if you want to be more physically active) and others will remind you to make sure you eat your daily meals/snacks during the day. A simple search will take you to those resources.

When goal setting, it’s important to first look at the your main priorities. People should also make sure they are setting the right main priorities that will influence you the most in the long run. You can still set your “fun” goals, just make sure it doesn’t interfere with your top priority goals.

However, in the end your own New Year’s resolutions do take time and commitment but should be something you truly want to achieve or it will be rather difficult to find motivation to continue with them.

These are just a few resolutions  that you could be interested in, but in reality there are many other resolutions that may compliment everyone’s own dreams or plans. It’s good to work on self improvement as much as we can. Make sure to set your own New Year’s Resolutions this year… and maybe get a head start in January!