My family’s experience with COVID

Covid-19 Particle

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Covid-19 Particle

Jesus Garcia Elizalde, Staff Reporter

The 2020 year has been a crazy year for just about everyone. Celebrities dying, wildfires, crazy election, and a worldwide pandemic that has killed many lives.  Covid has affected just about everyone’s way of life in some way, shape, or form.

I thought that the virus was fake at first. I didn’t want to believe it.  I thought the new virus would not be able to reach my household, but it did. Last month my brother was exposed to Covid at his job. My family and I were always very cautious about the virus. But sometimes things just happen. My brother has gone up to 14 days without feeling a symptom, so he went to get retested.  Unfortunately, he tested positive again, so he is still quarantined in his room.

His girlfriend who he would hangout with him every day before he tested positive the first time, tested negative which was weird to us.

Luckily, my brother didn’t get real sick from covid. It’s almost as if everyone reacts different to the virus. He just had a scratchy throat, bad sinuses, and sleeping was hard for him because he would constantly wake up in the middle of the night. Nothing too painful or severe happened to him.

Covid has shown us that it is unpredictable and that is what makes it scary for everyone. I hope everyone stays safe from the virus and I hope everyone is taking precautions and staying home as much as possible.