Mac’s Snacks Cooking Show Aids Students in Ag Foods


Kimberly McCullough

Mr. McCullough created his own cooking show to help his classes learn about cooking techniques.

Yahir Mondragon Ramirez, Staff reporter

Do you ever watch cooking shows?  Viewers who do can find tasty food to make through the demonstrations in the shows.  On our campus, we have our very own cook, starring in his very own cooking show, Mr. McCullough’s Mac’s Snacks.

Ag foods teacher Mr. McCullough started his own YouTube channel in order to teach his students more about what his class is about during distance learning.  With Covid-19 restrictions, Mr. McCullough wanted to have demonstrations for his students. He hopes that these videos inspire students to take action in their kitchens or outside grills and try some of these demonstrations at home. He is mainly teaching students that making good and safe food is not hard, and with little effort in details, anyone can make great things.

Although these videos flow very smoothly, Mr. McCullough goes through long processes of editing and filming his videos to show his best work. He often encounters obstacles when filming such as lighting, size of the frame, and having trouble taking close up shots. Mr. McCullough usually films himself, so things in his videos like close up shots are some of the biggest obstacles he encounters. Sometimes he has helpers when he is filming parts where he cannot do it himself, always keeping in mind to use Covid-19 safety measures.

Mr. McCullough’s future plans for his channel is to create more videos. He likes the idea that people other than his students can have a chance to try the things he makes although his main target is his students because of the fact that they are not physically in the classroom.  Mr. McCullough enjoys teaching in class by far and makes these videos as a way to show what is done physically with his hands during Ag Food classes. If students are to go back to school, they would not miss out because Mr. McCullough would enjoy and continue making and sharing more of his videos.

Mr. McCullough has been at LBHS for 24 years; he is married to Mrs. McCullough who is also a teacher at LBHS. Mr. McCullough enjoys the outdoors and likes to hunt and fish. He started off his teaching career in the Ag Mechanics Shop, then Ag Wood Shop, and is now he is teaching Ag Food Science.

Here are the links to his first two videos:  Video one and video two.  Enjoy.