2020: a year in review

Douglas Wallace, Staff Reporter

2020 was a wild ride that never seemed to end. The year 2020 threw something important at us almost every day, so it is easy to forget everything that had happened.

There were so many things that happened during 2020 that it would be impossible to list them all, but here are some that dominated the headlines.

January 20th: The United States had its first case of the coronavirus in a 35 year old man from Washington who had come back from China days earlier. Little did we know how the coronavirus would take over our lives in the next coming months.

February 29th: The first death of coronavirus is reported, earlier deaths would be reported later. The United States and the Taliban reach a peace agreement.

March 11th: The WHO stated the coronavirus is a pandemic, making most peoples fears come true.

April 27th: The United States passes 1,000,000 cases of the coronavirus as the worldwide total amount of cases passes 3,000,000.

May 25th: George Floyd is killed by a Minneapolis police officer, which lead to public outcry and riots over racial injustice.

June 28th: The cases for coronavirus pass a total 10 million worldwide.

July 2nd: Jeffery Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested on sex-trafficking charges.

August 4th: An accidental explosion in Lebanon kills an estimated 190 people injuring thousands more; the explosion being causes by the accidental detonation of 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate.

September 18th: Ruth Bader Ginsburg a Supreme Court Justice died at the age of 87. She was known for being an unrelenting example for gender equality and the second ever woman appointed to the high court.

October 2nd: President Donald Trump tests positive for the coronavirus showing how easily this virus can spread.

November 7th: Joe Biden becomes the next president-elect and the 46th president of the United States of America.

December 18th: The vaccine for coronavirus is given to its first Americans; the two vaccines have been touted as one of the greatest scientific accomplishments in recent U.S history.

With the vaccine coming out, there is now hope that 2021 will be significantly better than 2020.