Teachers face challenges during distance learning

Jesus Garcia Elizalde, Staff Reporter

I think we can all agree this recent semester was rather unusual. Seniors are not going to be able to experience things like prom and a normal graduation and freshmen will not be able to feel what it’s like walking through that front gate for the first time on the first day of school, while the seniors are louder than ever getting ready to kickoff the first last day of school.   So many events missed.  Looking back at it, it’s pretty sad. This semester has been challenging for students, but  teachers face the same challenges as their students.

Teachers are the real MVPs.  Teachers, who used to be students themselves now due to the circumstances at hand have been forced to change their normal way of teaching. They don’t have that classroom of students in front of them; they don’t have those students that can make them crack a smile when their having a bad day or those students that really annoy them.   Without a doubt though, teachers and students alike are missing the same things, especially each other.

A lot people like to say that this pandemic is really hard for the students and that teachers should be easier on their students. But what about the teachers? This pandemic and the circumstances are not easy at all. People like to say it’s really hard to learn in a pandemic, which yes, it is, but it is also hard to teach in a pandemic.

Ms. Duke, an art teacher at Los Banos High School said, ¨Art is very difficult to teach online.¨ She said she had to improvise by changing most of her assignments and making them more “drawing based” due to not every student having the same supplies at home.  Also, she had to adapt to the situation. Duke shares she’s had to,”revise or completely change assignments.”  She described this first semester as ¨challenging.¨

Other subjects equally difficult due to hands-on work are wood shop, welding, Ag Foods, photography, yearbook, ASB, and physical education.  Teachers are trying hard to involve students in activities that could be part of their classes in order to provide students an experience that would be similar to being in the classroom.

Another aspect is teachers are sitting in classrooms all day by themselves teaching.  Often times, they do not see anyone on campus during the day.  One teacher confided that being alone is the hardest because teaching is about people, sharing ideas, interacting, and getting to know each other.  Students are not turning on cameras or engaging like they do in the classroom.  This makes teaching challenging for all.

Thank your teachers. We all know this pandemic hasn’t been easy on students, but try to think of your teachers too who are there every day for you doing the best they can.