Adopt A Senior 2021


Matthew Rotondi

Information about the upcoming Adopt a Senior.

Liset Prado, Staff Reporter

Even though students at Los Banos High School are not able to come back to campus this spring semester, the school has put together an ¨Adopt a Senior¨ activity to help motivate the students to keep pushing forwards.

The way it works is that the students first fill out a Google form that is sent to their graduating class Google Classroom. That form will ask for their shirt size, favorite color, favorite snacks, etc. This information will help the person who is ¨adopting¨ the senior to know what they like.

Anyone can adopt any student from LBHS as long as you send Mr. Rotondi an email asking for the student that you would like to sponsor. Once the sponsor has put together a gift or a gift basket, they can drop it off at the school´s office, or they can drop it off personally at the student´s house if they know them.

¨I was a Senior of the graduating class of 2020, and we lost half of our year to Covid-19. My friends and I were really bummed out that we were not able to do senior activities, but we were surprised when they came up with the idea of ‘Adopt A Senior.’ The idea was the same as this year’s ‘Adopt A Senior,’ but it was honestly so fun to see people being ¨adopted¨ and watching everyone have some fun for that year,¨ said Jenny Prado, graduate of the 2020 class.

Adopting a senior will help motivate students to keep pushing forwards with their school work, and it will help them get through their online classes knowing that they have the support and love from the public.

If you are interested in adopting a senior and need more information, call the school office to find out.