Review: Cobra Kai Series Does Not Disappoint Viewers

Nathan Cantor, Staff Reporter

Cobra Kai is a popular Netflix series with three seasons. The series takes place decades later after the events of the three movies, Karate Kid starting in 1984, featuring the main two characters named Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence. In the movie, they become martial art rivals who fight each other in a big karate tournament. Daniel LaRusso wins because he plays by the rules and understand the true essence of karate from his dojo, Mr. Miagi,  and Johnny Lawrence loses to Daniel LaRusso in the tournament.

In this series, the rivalry continues between the two men.  The show picks up their lives years later.  Johnny Lawrence took that loss really bad and he has let the loss affect his life for years. Johnny gets inspired with karate again after he meets one of the main characters of the show, a kid named Miguel Diaz who gets bully by other teenagers and Johnny helps him out. This leads to them opening up a dojo called Cobra Kai, the same dojo name he was in when he was a teen. Then he trains and becomes Miguel’s sensei and builds the notorious dojo, Cobra Kai where many kids join.

In the show, there are many young teenage characters who join the dojos creating rivals between each other.  Viewers learn more about the characters during the seasons.  Overall, this show has a great cast of actors.  The karate moves and fighting scenes are believable.  And viewers get to see characters form bonds and relationship with each other. In addition, characters, played by the original actors and actresses from the actual Karate Kid movies have returned to the series during different times of the show.  For true Karate Kid lovers, this is a special addition to the series.

This show also has a huge fan base towards the series. Overall this is show is one of my favorite shows that I have watched.  Every episode is fast paced and interesting, leaving viewers wanting to watch the next episode right away.  I highly recommend watching this show because it offers a good story plot and great characters which creates a great show to watch.

If you haven’t seen the Karate Kid movies, I would suggest watching these too.  Season four of Cobra Kai is already in the works.