Restaurant Review: Nepenthe in Big Sur

Isaac Flores, Staff Reporter

Nepenthe is a beautiful restaurant located down the coast of Big Sur, California. The restaurant (home of “The Famous Ambrosia Burger”) is mostly outside dining but has a bit of inside dining as well. Restaurant goers can get a very nature-filled experience when visiting Nepenthe. The whole restaurant is made out of wood, and it sits in the middle of the woods with the nearest city being about half an hour away. Nepenthe offers one of the best views of the Pacific Ocean, which could be admired from the comfort of almost every table in the restaurant. The inside part of the restaurant is mostly covered by glass, allowing patrons to see the amazing views.

Nepenthe offers two different menus a day, the lunch menu and the dinner menu. Unfortunately I have only had the chance to try the dinner menu. It was one of the best, if not the best dinners I’ve ever had. Their food is just so flavorful, and I had the opportunity to try a handful of plates since I was accompanied by my family. I ordered The Famous Ambrosia Burger, which is the cheapest item in their menu at $19.75. The plate consists of a ground steak sandwich on a French roll with a special sauce and a side of veggies and fries.

Everything on the menu is a tad bit expensive. We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into until we got the receipt of about $250 for four meals and drinks, but I’d definitely go again. I’d probably go back for a special occasion event, a birthday, or maybe even a date.

Nepenthe is definitely well worth the experience, and although all the plates that I tried were delicious, The Famous Ambrosia Burger is still the best thing on the menu.

So if you need a trip to the coast, experience the restaurant, Nepenthe for the price of only $20 and a 5 hour drive down Highway 1. The trip itself to get there is filled with wonderful views. I definitely recommend this place.