Leeds United and the San Francisco 49ers Partner

Yahir Mondragon Ramirez, Staff reporter

The San Francisco 49ers  have invested and grew partnership with Leeds United, a soccer team from the Premier League. This just expands the 49ers global reach which is very big news. This action now gives the 49ers a chance to help manage Leeds United in the future. Many may argue this is odd since both are completely different sports, but this just shows how the 49ers are trying to create a global footprint. The 49ers first started this investment in 2018 and now has grown to own 37 percent of the club.

Leeds United has been facing financial problems in the past, and the 49ers saw this as an opportunity to help themselves but help a club in need as well. They have decided to invest in Leeds United to help the club. This was a very smart investment because Leeds United is part of one of the richest soccer leagues in the world. However, they were going through a hard period of time with being regulated for 16 years and finishing the season off mid table. After many years of trying to own part of Leeds United, Covid-19 was a major factor in the complications that delayed this long process.

With the 49ers stepping in and helping Leeds United, both teams hope to be on the same path and continue improving. The 49ers have been facing similar issues to those of Leeds United and have been growing continuously and becoming a powerhouse in the NFL. The 49er’s vision is to see Leeds United on the same route and becoming a powerhouse in the Premier League of England and qualifying for further major club tournaments. The 49ers will help with many things and hope to also bring more fans to both sports by promoting each other continuously.