Behind the Scenes of Homecoming Floats

Emily Rivera, Staff Reporter

A big role in our homecoming event is the floats that each class puts together. Not only do people go to the homecoming parade to see our candidates but they also come to see each class’ eye-catching floats.

Each class takes a theme and they display their theme on a trailer. Much work is put into these floats. The outcome is always pretty, but beyond that, there is a lot of work and dedication that goes into it. It can be a stressful thing to do, but it pays off in the end. Here’s a closer look at what goes on behind the scenes of the floats.

Sophomore class president Laura Albornoz says, “I wanted to include as much of the sophomore class to help out and include their ideas, so I asked everyone to join, not just the officers.”

When putting the float together, some problems can happen. Albornoz says, “ When we had gotten our trailer, it looked terrible. The wood floor was all ripped up and dirty with the rusted metal all the way around it. We decided to make a whole new base and pulled through with the help of a parent, Mr. Murphy.”

Junior class officer Cameron Lowe says, “It was so difficult at first, but we just started from the beginning and worked to get everything done.” She states, “There were struggles putting the float together, and we were able to overcome them by working together.”

The bond grows between students as they work towards a common goal.  All the classes experienced a time of creating new friendships and making new memories.  “Homecoming is fun and brings people together.  I became closer with the people that came out to help on the float and skit,” says Albornoz.

Working on the floats is a difficult task, but with the right mindset students can accomplish anything. It is also a way they can make new friends and become closer to them. There is much more to this task then just an eye-catching float.