Working During Covid-19 For An Aspiring Videographer/Photographer

Alumnus Gabriel Ortiz shares struggles


Gab Ortiz

Gabriel Ortiz, (left), posing next to The Compound gym owner, (right), in front of a billboard.

Liset Prado, Staff Reporter

Since the beginning of Covid-19, many people unfortunately had to leave their jobs to protect themselves from the disease. Other people made the decision to keep working throughout this time period because to them, work was absolutely crucial.

Gabriel Ortiz, a former LBHS student, has always had a fascination with camera work, which includes videography and photography. “I started seven years ago when I had a little camcorder in my hands, and I began recording everything that was around me. I officially began making videos during my freshman year of high school when I decided to make skits. Back then my confidence was soaring,” Ortiz said.

Before Covid-19 struck, he claims that he was not working professionally, but when he did, he began making videos for local small barber shops and local rappers who wanted some music videos.

When asked how it has been getting work throughout the pandemic, Ortiz replied,” It’s actually been easy because many small businesses have been opening up, and they contact me to help with pictures and videos. My boss and I are there to work with our clients and sell them with great deals that they would like for their business, while also protecting ourselves by staying safe.”

“I didn’t expect to work with big companies as soon as I did. I was under the impression that it would take me at least three years to be where I am at now, but I’m really lucky that I found the right people at the right time. I believe that in five years, I will have my own personal studio and production company. I would like to start making my own short films and to work with more clients who would want to do big projects,” commented Ortiz when asked about his expectations and goals for his future career.

Luckily for some, Covid-19 has not been too bad when it comes to events in their personal lives. Such as what Gabriel Ortiz did, he was able to create several opportunities for himself to get work and to broaden his reach. There can be positivity, even throughout something as harsh as the pandemic.