Movie Review: Back to the Future

Nathan Cantor, Staff Reporter

There are many different movies you can chose and watch today. Everyone likes to watch different types of movies. Movies like horror, adventure, drama, comedy, and thriller, but they can also watch movies that came out from a long time ago. And people also enjoy and love to see those classic movies. In this review, I’ll be discussing one of my favorite movies of all time from the eighties era, Back to the Future.

Back to the Future is an instant classic movie because of the story and what the story is about that makes the audience enjoy it. The story is about a teenager named Marty McFly, who lives in a place called Hill Valley. McFly is a normal person who living has a normal life until his best friend disrupts his routine.  Scientist and inventor, Dr. Emmett Brown (Doc) finds a way to make time travel possible. He and McFly help to test out this theory with a vehicle called the Delorean. Accidentally, they go back to the fifty’s where he finds his parents as teenagers.  Throughout the movie, they try to find a way back to the future.

The characters in the movie is one of the key parts of the movie. These characters are what makes this movie enjoyable.  Also the plot of the movie is entertaining to watch. The movie pace keeps the audience waiting and engaged in the events as the characters meet a variety of characters and encounter many obstacles to return home.

This movie gets a lot of love because of the huge fan base it has.  Michael J. Fox has been a favorite actor during the 1980s, and his fans continue to support him.  The movie was so popular, that they made two parts for the movie, making this trilogy a famous combination of entertainment for many years.

These are the few classic movies that people enjoy and really love, which makes them remember the movie and want to watch it again and again. I highly recommend this movie and the sequels if you have not seen it yet.