What Makes People Happy?


Peter Field

Expressing happiness to ourselves.

Liset Prado, Staff Reporter

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make someone happy? Maybe it’s a brand new video game, some delicious fast food, or a day with some friends. Especially throughout times like this with Covid-19, many are left to wonder how they can keep themselves happy and positive while needing to social distance from the public.

“To keep myself motivated and happy, I like to spend some time with my pets at home. I have two dogs, two guinea pigs, and two kittens and just being with them keeps my mentality great. If I’m not with my pets then I am spending some time with my boyfriend playing some games or watching a movie. I do agree that not being able to go out as often as before has been really difficult in my life, but I learned to look past that and enjoy myself in any way possible,” Alexandra Webster, grade 11, comments.

Even if some do not have any pets to keep themselves company or anyone to spend some time with, most have decided to pick up a new hobby and make it into something enjoyable.

While questioning LBHS alumni Jenny Prado she responded, ” I’ve always had a deep interest with art and creative projects, so to keep myself in good spirits I learned how to paint anime characters onto a sheet of glass. This trend has been all over the social media called Tik Tok and when I tried it out for myself, I found that I really enjoyed painting on glass as well. Since I’m home more often, I have more time to try new things and that’s how I keep myself busy while Covid-19 is still a serious issue.”

Everyone has their own unique way of bringing happiness into their lives. Some find joy in finding a new book to read. Others ride their bikes to keep their minds off of negative things or they listen to music by their favorite artists. Everything has their own meaning to each person and every little thing finds its way to make people happy.

According to Ed Diener or Dr. Happiness, he advises that you should set some personal goals in your life so that you have something to pursue. If you already have goals set then another recommended way to achieve happiness is by meditating, since it reduces stress, boosts health, and increases your concentration.

Some more advice to find happiness within yourself is:

  • Doing exercise
  • Keeping a daily journal
  • Maintaining proper sleep
  • Make healthy food