Movie Review: “The Sandlot”

Nathan Cantor, Staff Reporter

Throughout many decades there been some really great movies produced that end up to be on the Classic movie list because of how great it is and how much people enjoy watching it over and over again.  One of the best classic movies from the eighty’s era is “The Sandlot.” And this is my review on the movie.

The story plot of the movie “The Sandlot” makes an enjoyable movie to watch. The  story is about a kid name Scottie Smalls who moves to a neighborhood.  He meets a group of kids who become his friends. They spend the summer hanging out together.

This movie has interesting and lovable characters who have iconic lines that viewers will remember. These characters make the film fun to watch and the adventures they go through in the movie are entertaining.  There are some funny moments during the film, making the film even more fun to watch.

Even if the movie came out a long time ago. The movie still get’s love today and new people get to see it as well if they haven’t seen it. And this makes the movie grow more and more.Which gains more fans over time because of the plot and characters.That’s why is movie is remember so much and people love it.

Despite the fact that this movie is a classic, people from all generations over the years have raved about this movie.  Overall the movie is great, and it’s fun to watch over and over. If you haven’t seen “The Sandlot,” then you should give it a try. I highly recommend it.