We’ve got an emergency! Not enough bathrooms!

Pat Martinez, Staff Reporter

Have you ever found yourself struggling to focus in class because you had to use the restroom but the lines were too long? Have you noticed that there are other bathrooms across the campus that are always locked?

The cause for this could very well be that the students mistreat the bathrooms that we do have. It would be very difficult to go into one of our bathrooms and find a wall that has yet to be defaced, toilets missing seats, no paper towels or toilet paper.

How can we expect the administration to give us more bathrooms if we can’t take care of the ones we do have? Granted, much of the graffiti has been at this school longer than the current classes have but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t our problem to deal with.

So what can we do to change this? Well, we could start by asking our administrators if there is anything we can do to help clean up the bathrooms. Do we need to raise money for this? BAKE SALE! Do we need people to help? Volunteers? Everyone needs some volunteer hours on their college applications.  We, as a school can initiate ways to improve our campus.

So the next time you’re waiting in line to use the restroom, don’t ask yourself why the school hasn’t done anything to change this problem, ask yourself why YOU haven’t done anything to make the change.