“Senior Best” Winners !

Daniela Cardona, Staff Reporter

Seniors participate in nominating each other for an opportunity to be recognized with a “Senior Best.” This recognizes students on their achievements/things they are likely do and things they are known for. A handful of categories are selected by the yearbook staff,  and every senior can run for whichever category they choose.

For every Senior Best category, nominations include female and male students with a final vote of two winners for each category. Every LBHS senior gets the opportunity to vote on the candidate of their choice. After the first votes were entered–finalists were then voted on, again by the students. This year students voted through a google form that was posted on the google classroom “Class of 2021.”

The winners have been confirmed and are shown in the following chart:

Senior Best Winners

Best Bromance Kirsten Catalan & James Lonnon  Julia Camp & Faith Stephenson
Most Changed Pio Romo Amanda Martinez 
Biggest Aggie Joey Rawls Haley Rocha
Most Likely to Sleep on zoom  Colton Hoover  Kelly Vu
Most involved Derek Vaca Brissa Flores
Bleeds red/gold Logan Borchard  Felicity Marquez
Most Likely to be a CEO Ridge Cook Isabella Appleton 
Best Gamer Shane Hogan Sarah Pritsch 
Best Musician Hans Emerson Rhea Caliso
Best Artist Justin Vargas and Guillermo Silva Alany Madrigal 
Most Athletic Damari Tate  Gloria Leonard
Most Likely to take a Selfie Angel Martinez Marlee Heguy 
Best Smile Larry Rosales Joana Iniguez
Biggest Bookworm Daniel Cervantes Madelyn Brizzee
Most Likely to Travel the World Sean Carrigan  Neda Abedi 
Most Likely to Turn in Work at 11:59 James Lonnon Janessa Jimenez
Biggest Night Owl Nick Campbell Kierstyn Cotta
Most Likely to Lose Wifi at Graduation Ben Roland  Julia Camp
Most Likely to not Mute Themself on zoom William Gillardi  Wendi Hernandez
Best Instagram Isaac Rocha Jacqueline Silva